DJ CLEO does the milk taste test

DJ Cleo is arguably one of the hottest disc spinners and producers around.

DJ Cleo is arguably one of the hottest disc spinners and producers around.

His kwaito-style house music, with its energetic beats, makes everyone who hears it want to get up and dance.

Not only are his tunes shaking up the airwaves and dance floors across South Africa, he is also a cool-looking dude with dreamy deep brown eyes and a funky dress sense that makes all his female fans swoon.

Cleo is tall, well-built and clearskinned and has perfectly bright sparkling teeth.

Over the last few months he has been promoting his new album, Es'khaleni Unit 5, all over South Africa.

He has also been doing shows throughout the continent - from Nigeria to Botswana and Mozambique.

He drinks milk regularly and is a firm believer in the benefits of getting his calcium this way each day.

Cleo usually buys the long-life variety since he doesn't have time to shop very often, but he was happy to test some of our local fresh full cream brands to see how they fare in terms of freshness and taste.

Every day, no matter where he is, he has his daily dose of milk to keep his bones strong and his body healthy.

He prefers full cream milk - none of the skimmed, low fat or fat free varieties for him, thank you.

"Milk should be rich, creamy and sweet," he says.

He takes a sip of Douglasdale full cream milk but it does not live up to his expectations.

"It has a soapy effect in your mouth," he says.

"It is as if someone forgot to wash the glass for a few days before filling it with milk and giving it to me to drink.

"It also has a slightly bitter aftertaste."

Cleo wouldn't choose this brand if he had others to choose from.

Next he tries the Pick n Pay branded full cream milk. He says it does not taste creamy.

"It tastes water-based, as if the cows have been drinking too much and their milk has become watered down," Cleo says. "This milk tastes seriously watery."

Clover's full cream milk has a similar effect on the DJ and producer.

"This one also tastes a lot like water," he says.

According to Cleo some essential element is definitely missing from these brands - perhaps because he's used to the distinctive taste of the long-life varieties?

Next of on the list is the Woolworths full cream milk, which Cleo declares tastes better.

"This is more like real milk," the DJ says, examining the label to double check that it is full cream.

"It tastes creamier and fresher than the others I've already tasted."

Cleo likes the Dewfresh brand of full cream milk the best.

"This milk tastes fresh and creamy and lacks the flatness of all the other varieties," he says.

"It is sweet and good and sure to give you healthy bones and teeth."

Now Cleo needs to stock up on his milk supplies to be strong and fit for his coming tours and the promotion of his new album with fellow artist and collaborator Bliksem.

His popularity is also increasing by leaps and bounds as his new passport fills up with stamps from all over the continent and frequent tours overseas. - Andrea Nagel