Rapists feel the wrath as women hit back

Alex Matlala

Alex Matlala

Limpopo women are getting back at rapists by biting their tongues and severing their penises.

In the latest incident, a 21-year-old man was arrested in a queue at a clinic in Sekhukhune on Saturday just before he was to have his tongue attended to.

Police spokesman Constable Dithomo Kgaphola said the man had allegedly dragged a woman into bushes and attempted to rape her but "instead the woman asked the man to kiss her first before they had sex".

"After realising that the man was relaxed and enjoying the kiss, she bit his lower lip and tongue and kicked his genitals, causing him to run away."

James Mashiloane, 30, of GaMarishane village near Nebo, also lost his tongue during a failed rape attempt. His tongue was bitten off after the woman pretended to submit .

"The woman realised that Mashiloane was relaxed and bit off his tongue into pieces. But Mashiloane pulled out a knife and stabbed her several times. He was also arrested while at a local hospital for a tongue operation," said Nebo police spokesman Inspector Maboke Lediga.

Meanwhile, police in Mopani are looking for a man whose penis was severed with a knife by a woman he was trying to rape.