body found IN BEDROOM

Masoka Dube

Masoka Dube

Mpumalanga police are searching for a Mozambican man after the decomposed body of his girlfriend was found locked up in a house yesterday morning.

The police said the partly decomposed body of Catherine Mthethwa, 31, of Mangweni Trust, Nkomazi, was found in the RDP house where she lived with her grandmother.

Tonga police spokesman Captain Amos Mashele said Mthethwa's relatives told the police that the woman used to fight a lot with her boyfriend.

"We were told that the two lovers spent most of their time fighting, that is why we suspect that the boyfriend might know something about her death," Mashele said. "We have not open a case against him. We just want to question him.

"We urge residents to tell him to come to the police station if they see him.

"Another thing that bothers me is that he disappeared after the death of his partner."

Mashele said Mthethwa was alone at home since last Thursday because her grandmother was visiting relatives in a nearby area.

She found out about the murder when she returned from her visit.

When she arrived at the house she entered through the main door.

She tried in vain to open the door to her granddaughter's bedroom. She called a relative, who helped her her break down the door.

"When I went inside I saw a pool of blood and the body of my granddaughter on the bed," said the grandmother, who did not want to be named.

"After this gruesome find I ran out and called the neighbours, who alerted the police."

The police said Mthethwa was repeatedly stabbed in the forehead and in the hands.

The bush knife that was allegedly used to maim her was found on top of the body and taken for forensic test.

The police are investigating a murder case.