Lucille looks at future after her BBA eviction

GOING HOME: Lucille. © Unknown.
GOING HOME: Lucille. © Unknown.

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

After sending Tanzania's Latoya packing on day 35, Africa has now kicked out Namibia's representative on BBA 3 - Lucille Naobes.

With her eviction on Sunday, Lucille missed out on sharing some quality time with Munya, who has fallen in love with her.

Though she insisted to Sowetan yesterday that she had no romantic designs on her former housemate despite crying on his shoulder about having been hurt by an ex-boyfriend, Lucille said she was not seeing the last of Munya.

Interestingly, not so long ago Munya confided in Botswana's Tawana that he had given up on Lucille because he believed she wanted to use him. But Lucille insisted her feelings for Munya were purely platonic.

"We were friends and we will remain friends. I will visit him in Zimbabwe soon. We have already made an arrangement to meet after all this," said the beautiful lass, who is 21. Lucille was not initially nominated by the housemates for eviction, but ended up being placed for nomination by Takondwa (of Zambia), who had been nominated but had head-of -house privileges for the week, which meant he could replace himself with any of the housemates.

Another thing that got tongues wagging was when Uti (the Nigerian housemate) had a fit when he learned of Lucille's eviction.

About her future, the university student said she would consider modelling or acting.

"I was studying travel and tourism but I had to drop my studies because of Big Brother. I am supposed to write exams soon but I do not qualify because I had not been attending classes."

Lucille, who does not have a boyfriend at the moment, will go home today. She said the only female housemate she would miss was Ghanaian Mimi.

"She is self-sacrificing. She cares about others too much."

About the matters of the heart, Lucille said her eye was roving. "I am open to anything at the moment."