ANC has done a good job

Recent pronouncements by Ipsos Markinor that the ANC stands to lose Gauteng and two other provinces provide the ruling party's activists with motivation to roll up their sleeves and mobilise grass-roots people, especially the youth, to register so that they can vote for the movement during the coming national elections.

It is true that internal divisions in the ANC could be detrimental to the progress of the organisation in many ways, but this does not mean that the ANC will lose three provinces as we are made to believe.

There are people who want to see the ANC fail. So we see the NEC-NWC trying to address issues that cause so much division in the organisation.

I do not understand why people continue to doubt the ANC because it has proved that it cares about the needs of poor South Africans in general.

Let me remind these people that the ANC government has built millions of houses, clinics, schools and created job opportunities for young and aspirant entrepreneurs.

Problems always arise whenever a sitting president has to relinquish power. We must not forget that even Thabo Mbeki was not liked by many South Africans when he took over from Nelson Mandela.

Let us just accept that a new administration is coming. We must all support it for the sake of the future of our country.

Gaddafi Mokoteli, Johannesburg