Seriously beautiful designs from Mzansi

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Fresh from showcasing at the Durban Fashion Week, Mzansi Designers are back at work preparing for the Joburg Fashion Week next week.

As always fans of Mzansi Designers, which is a baby of Lesego Malatsi and Maki Dikgole, pictured, will be titillated by the label's unique subtext that is known for its delicate detail, simple harmony and rich textual format.

"We are very excited about the collection we are showcasing," Malatsi says. "It is seriously beautiful. The colours and the storyline are amazing. Our silhouette is Afrocentric but all the world's cultures are represented."

The duo moved into fashion in 2004 with traditional wear. Enriched by an African fashion vision, they later moved beyond borders and infused an African sensibility into rich detail that remains quintessentially South African in other collections.

Signature women's collections, Lesedi Couture, Umabo Pret-a-Porter, Sovuk Ready-to-Wear, Msiko men's wear and Mza active-sports wear, soon followed.

The duo stepped into high fashion with their debut diffusion line at the Sanlam Fashion Week in 2005.

Designing for the ordinary person, socialites and style icons, the label is an ode to attention to detail.

Malatsi says: "Mzansi is a combination of fine commercial sensibility and a genuine feel for fashion. We work freely with various socio-economic groups.

"Those who have experienced our label agree that it is synonymous with luxury and sophistication.

"Our design aesthetic goes beyond the here and now to a realm of pure classicism."

Mzansi is a home for new designers.

"We will showcase products of four talented designers who have been marginalised," Malatsi says. "We are passionate about helping new talent and product development and also to help them establish their own businesses."

Based at Joburg's Park Station, Mzansi deals with individual clients.

"We do not supply merchandise to anyone because we are in the process of starting our own shop next month."