Workers await their fate in limbo

Luzuko Pongoma

Luzuko Pongoma

The troubles of XPress Net employees in Isando, Ekurhuleni, have taken a turn for the worse.

This after their union, the Motor Transport Workers Union of South Africa, left them out in the cold.

About 200 workers were locked out of the premises last week by their employer, Andre Visser, under the pretext that there was a bomb in the building.

He ordered them to evacuate so that he could lock the gates.

The workers discovered this week that the company was being liquidated and had not been paying over their unemployment insurance funds and compensation fund contributions despite the money having been deducted from their salaries every month.

Visser refused to comment.

Shop steward George Mohlala says the workers have now been locked out for more than a week. He claims their union has not done anything to help them.

"Emily Fourie, the union's general secretary, is in collusion with management to con us out of our hard-earned money," Mohlala claims.

He says they are fighting for the workers to receive all their benefits.

A worker, Sidwell Nkula, says he was shocked to discover that the company was not remitting his compensation fund contributions.

The employees are now putting their faith in the liquidators.

Ralf Lutchman, a liquidator, says they will meet management to discuss the state of the company soon.