Rav4 is ideal transport for families in the city

Charl Wilken

Charl Wilken

Though there have been many Toyota models on the market since the 1970s, the introduction of the Rav4 added something quite unique.

There are many reasons for the success of the Rav4, but its never-say-die quality as well as its comfortable ride - with loads of practicality - are just some of the reasons it has proved so popular.

It has been around for some years now, but in its latest incarnation it still looks like it was introduced to the market only yesterday. The contemporary design of the Rav4 will see that this vehicle doesn't look outdated for a while.

Our used model has only done a mere 1500km and is in superb condition inside out. It is clear that the previous owner was someone who loved his car, keeping it in superb condition.

What we like most about this model is the practicality it offers as both a going-away experience and an everyday vehicle. You get a solid car that won't let you down and you also get smart equipment at a fair price.

The interior of the Rav4 is modern with its dials adding a sporty touch - and with a backlight that is soft on the eyes at night. Leather seats add to the overall luxury feel and all the controls are easy to reach.

The Rav4 is a good choice for the young family or the individual who has a fine taste in cars.

It has enough space inside and its boot capacity can cope with several suitcases, yet the Rav4 returns very economical fuel consumption figures.

Having an efficient fuel economy, the Rav4 will keep its owner smiling even though our fuel price is now at a record high.

The four-cylinder 2.2 D4-D engine might not sound big, but it delivers 100kW and an even more impressive 310Nm - and is mated to a smooth five-speed gearbox delivering power to all four wheels.

There is also enough power for overtaking when necessary and cruising at freeway speeds without the need to constantly play with the gears just to keep up with traffic.

As an everyday car to go to work or get the kids from school, or whatever the case may be, the Rav4 is ideal for any purpose.

Some of the standard luxury features include a CD-player, aircon, electric windows and power steering.