fun in Durban sun

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

It's undeniable that Durban is one of the most exciting places in South Africa.

That is why when SABC3 invited me to be one of their guests at the A1 Grand Prix World Cup of Motorsport there last weekend, I jumped for joy.

I left a partly cloudy Jozi at about 8am on Saturday. By 10am the weather was scorching hot in Durban, over 30C and the whole of Durban was humid, a shock to the system. I've been to Durban many times but this was nuts.

Anyway, I enjoyed myself. One does not have to be a car fanatic to enjoy A1 Grand Prix. The scenery, the noise and the craze made the event interesting.

SABC3 treated us to some delicious goodies in their air-conditioned VIP marquee. We quickly exchanged pleasantries and settled in to a delicious meal.

I love goody bags. We were given nice Grand Prix tees with matching caps. After the race I was so tired from the binge drinking and eating, that I passed out at the hotel ... the beautiful, Hilton Hotel.

The hotel was founded by Hilton Paris' great-grandfather, Conrad Hilton.

The hotel's architectural works display a combination of modern and yesteryear workmanship. I gave a goody bag to the guy at reception because of the warmth he had accorded me.

After a nice three-hour nap in my R1140 a night room, I headed for a Metro FM Heatwave party at the International Convention Centre (ICC) to work. The hotel is a stone's throw from the ICC.

After a few minutes in the VIP area I was bored and returned to my hotel room, where I enjoyed a wonderful sleep in readiness for the next round of the Grand Prix.

It was my first time in Durban's Hilton Hotel. Unlike the beachfront hotels I usually go to when I'm there, I felt safe walking to and from the hotel. Security personnel were everywhere.

The following morning we were back at the race. Like the previous day, we indulged in goodies but our appetite was spoilt when we heard that our team had lost.

We went to the hotel, packed our stuff and boarded a plane back to Jozi. If my weekend in Durban is anything to go by, I have no doubt that that city is capable of hosting the World Cup well.