mandoza deadly crash

Siyabonga Africa

Siyabonga Africa

An unidentified woman was driving behind kwaito star Mandoza in the fast lane when he crashed.

But Metro police say the woman has disappeared. She called Mandoza's wife, Mpho Tshabalala, and the paramedics to the scene, and disappeared immediately afterwards.

No one knows who she is and where she was headed early on Saturday morning.

Inspector Edna Mamonyane of the Johannesburg Metro police said yesterday that they were not looking for the woman.

Mandoza's wife refused to discuss the woman or her identity and whereabouts.

And it will be another five days before the police complete their investigation into the crash, which killed two people on the N1 near the 14th Avenue off-ramp.

Police said Mandoza crashed into another car with such force that its two occupants died.

Inspector Mamonyane said the officers who arrived at the scene of the accident were unable to breathalyse Mandoza, real name Mduduzi Tshabalala, because medical staff were tending to him and he was also on an intravenous drip.

This means that they could not determine whether Mandoza was drunk or not.

But Netcare 911 spokesman Mark Stokoe said eye-witnesses saw Mandoza walking around.

"If that was the case then there should not have been any reason for him to have been put on drip," he said.

Esme de Wet, of Flora Clinic, where Mandoza was treated and discharged several hours after the accident, said that the advanced medical team who examined Mandoza would have made the call as to whether he needed a drip or not.

"According to his patient report he sustained soft injuries, yet if it was deemed necessary, the advanced medical team would've given him a drip to treat shock."

Stokoe shot down this theory, saying that if Mandoza was seen walking around the scene of the accident, he in all likelihood did not need to be on a drip.

Mamonyane said that a case of culpable homicide had been opened.

The accident occurred while Mandoza was heading to the Mzansi Awards after-party at Emperors Palace.

Mandoza was driving his new SRT Chrysler when he crashed into the back of a VW Jetta. The two occupants of the Jetta were pronounced dead on the scene.

Meanwhile, one the victims of the fatal accident might have been identified yesterday, the Johannesburg Metro police department said.

Mamonyane said that they received a phone call after the news of the accident broke.

"A woman called and claimed that the description of the car and its registration number matched that of her husband's, who was working in that area and had not returned home," she said.

Mamonyane said that the woman will go to the government mortuary this morning to ascertain whether the body is that of her husband or not.