'impotent with fear'

Vusi Ndlovu

Vusi Ndlovu

When a gang of alleged rapists pointed guns at Mongezi Jinxela, the country's worst serial rapist, he was so numb with fear that he could not get an erection.

Jinxela told the Johannesburg magistrate's court yesterday that the men held him up, raped a woman he was with, and then ordered him to rape the victim.

Jinxela, 39, is in prison. He was sentenced to 55 years imprisonment for rape, kidnapping, robbery, armed robbery, indecent assault and escaping from prison.

He told magistrate Molefe Mashobane that he was forced to lie on the ground face down, with one of his attackers pressing him down with a foot on his back, and made to watch as the assailants took turns raping the woman he told the court was his girlfriend.

He was giving evidence against Fana Motlatsi and Andile Mpongwana, who are charged with rape and robbery. Two other men who were present when Jinxela and the woman were attacked, George Moeketsi and Themba Ngwenya, have turned state witnesses after pleading guilty to armed robbery but not to rape. They were each sentenced to eight years.

Jinxela said that on December 13 2001 he had received a call from the woman asking him to accompany her to Crown Mines. He said the woman, who was a hairdresser, was looking for building material that included paint and roofing material for a room that had just been built.

He said they went to Jumbo wholesalers in Crown Mines. They then decided to go to Booysens.

"As we walked on the gravel road towards the station we met a group of about five or six men. One of them, who was dressed in a red jacket normally worn by security guards working at train stations, pulled out a gun and told me he would shoot me if I did anything stupid. Another man came up behind me and I realised he also had a gun," Jinxela said.

He said the men took the woman's handbag, the money in the bag and removed rings from her fingers.

"They ordered me to take off my pants, belt and jacket," he said.

He said four of the men raped the woman. They then told him to rape the woman.

"I was so scared I could not get an erection."

He and the woman went to open a case at Booysens police station.

Earlier, Jinxela objected to the presence of journalists in court.

The case was postponed to March 6.