Joburg Art Fair to showcase gems

Edward Tsumele

Edward Tsumele

I know it is not easy to choose which piece to buy when it comes to art. Not even for the gurus. For example, how would you know that piece X instead of piece Y will give you the best investment in 10 years time?

Significantly, the organisers of the forthcoming mammoth Joburg Art Fair intend publishing a catalogue of the art that will be on display during the African continent's art fair.

The Joburg Art Fair will take place at the Sandton Convention Centre from March 13 to 16. Apart from art junkies and committed art collectors, the fair is expected to attract ordinary art enthusiasts. It is especially this group of people who are likely to benefit from the catalogue.

The catalogue, which will be distributed at selected Exclusive Books stores on March 1, will serve as a guide to the 2008 Joburg Art Fair. The catalogue takes an informal approach, using colourful design elements and an easily accessible style. The 320-page catalogue comprises information of galleries, artists and the curated show, As you like it.

The Joburg Art Fair will cover the 5000 square meters of the Sandton Convention Centre to showcase the finest contemporary African art from 22 galleries, seven countries and three continents. Galleries will be selling art works from recognised as well as emergent artists.

Many of the work on display at the art fair can be viewed in the directory section of the catalogue. Participating galleries were also given the opportunity to feature artists they represent.

The profiles provide a brief biography of the artists, an image of their work and a listing of selected exhibitions they have participated in.

The catalogue is a perfect introduction to anyone interested in South African or African contemporary art and to give a glimpse of what you might expect at the first ever Joburg Art Fair.

Joburg Art Fair's Special Projects 2008 is a collaboration with relevant sponsors in order to highlight significant artists, designers and arts institutions.

Artlogic and Siemens have facilitated the Funda booth that will showcase emergent artists from Funda Community College, an established arts education institution in the history of South African arts and culture. The catalogue provides a brief history of the institution and discusses Funda's vision for the Joburg Art Fair with Funda's art department director, Charles Nkosi.

Robin Rhode has been selected as a feature artist. His booth is made possible by Perry Rubenstein Gallery and the Gordon Schachat collection. The Robin Rhode profile in the catalogue includes a range of images of his recent work, a biography and an interview with the artist.