'Kedi needs purpose not a man to marry'

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Kedibone Mkhabela's New Year wish of landing the father of her children this year might just be granted. Yesterday, alone, a dozen men called and e-mailed Sowetan asking for Mkhabela's contact details.

Some of the callers even declared their undying love for the former TV presenter. One of the callers, who identified himself as an artist from a well-known recording label, said he wanted to father Mkhabela's baby.

"I love her but I cannot marry her because I'm married. My wife is not getting children, making a baby with her would be good for all parties involved. At least she is someone I know and my wife knows her," he said.

Shadrack Lungu, an executive from South African Airways, said he was also interested in Mkhabela.

"I can marry her right away. She is a very beautiful woman. She is very sexy and lovely. I fell in love with her when I saw her performing with her group Tyte. She is every man's dream. She is pretty, has a beautiful body and is brilliant. Please get me her numbers," begged Lungu.

Not everyone though is entertained by Mkhabela's wish. Paul Gunane, a pastor from Pretoria, said Mkhabela needs counselling and spiritual help.

"This lady needs spiritual deliverance. She needs to know that not every successful person qualifies for a man. Not every woman will have a man. She needs to understand that not having a man does not mean you are a failure in life. All she needs to do is to find herself and her purpose in life," said Gunane.