Reach for his stars

Are you stuck for Christmas gifts to buy your man? The Zodiac gives us hints to ensure that the gift you choose will be one that the other person genuinely appreciates.

Are you stuck for Christmas gifts to buy your man? The Zodiac gives us hints to ensure that the gift you choose will be one that the other person genuinely appreciates.

If the gift doesn't cut it, there's always you to give to him - you just have to know how.

Aries man

Cook him a spicy dinner and let him eat it slowly.

The Aries man likes an experience rather than something tangible. You might buy tickets to a theatrical play where he can get all worked up and scream his lungs out.

Taurus man

They adore chocolate. Other things to have on hand include votive candles and a silk slip for you in a flattering colour.

Wrap up a new designer man's cologne and tuck it under his pillow. Tell him how much this scent turned you on and how it made you ache to be with him.

Gemini man

He is happiest when flying to some distant city. Surprise him with tickets for two to a faraway island. Then use the fact that he's an air sign to your advantage: seduce him on the flight. Give him a year of Internet access along with at least one sexy e-mail message from you a week! What better way for him to stay focused on you?

Cancer man

Cancer is the only sign that will make a trip to the grocery store to get ready for a big date. Making love in the kitchen always ignites his deepest fantasies.

If you want to present him with a token of your love, frame a new black and white portrait of yourself in a silver frame for his desk. Cancer rules silver. Memories and loved ones are also under this sign's domain.

Leo man

Give your lover a gold pocket watch or gold lighter, as Leo rules gold. He loves to dress up in black tie, so give him a good reason to do so.

As music is a high priority on his list, check out which new CD titles he would most like to own. Or write poetry - no matter how bad you are at it. Have it framed and dedicated to him. Make sure to seal the deal with a striptease.

Virgo man

Many Virgos are talented writers. A perfect gift for a Virgo man would be a fountain pen or engraved stationery. He would also adore an MP3 player, an electronic organiser, a laptop computer, new software, or even a dust-buster for his car.

Libra man

Libra is ruled by Venus, who controls the arts, so music is important to him. Buying him a good car stereo or auto CD player is a great way to make sure he always picks you up in a wonderful mood.

Propose a day spent touring a rural locale and tuck some of his favourite music into the glove compartment. Don't forget to pack a gourmet picnic basket Later, suggest you go to a drive-in to watch a movie.

Scorpio man

If you want to get your Scorpio lover a bit more relaxed and focused on you, try taking him to a small, cosy restaurant that serves mainly food such as a juicy steak and chips. Red wine will probably be his choice. He loves dark, rich chocolate mousse for dessert. Wear your little black dress or something in burgundy, his favourite colour.

He regards pornography as research and stimulus for new things to do. This might be a perfect gift idea. Otherwise just get him a very provocative and intense fragrance.

Sagittarius man

Equipment for his favourite sport or new work-out clothing would be good, and if you are feeling generous, a membership to a health club would be ideal.

Sagittarius is a sophisticated sign that enjoys international cuisine. Find an unusual restaurant and continue the international theme by going to a foreign flick.

Capricorn man

Capricorns are status conscious so, when choosing a gift, be sure to choose something from a fine retailer. An antique gold coin, a rare letter autographed by a president or a bestseller on an historical subject would be good.

When taking him to dinner, suggest that you meet at his country club. Or choose a fine, established restaurant that looks like a club, with wood paneling and a low-key ambiance.

Aquarius man

Nothing makes an Aquarius man happier than talking about electronics or the Internet. They are ruled by Uranus, the planet of the future. He will spend his entire day on the computer. Tell him your VCR needs setting, that your computer fonts are messed up, or that you haven't configured your new e-mail software yet.

Be sure to send him frequent e-mails to show him you are thinking about him.

Pisces man

An ideal evening for a Pisces man would be dinner in an exotic Indian or Asian restaurant. Or take him to the movies - he can't seem to see enough of them.

As Pisces rules the feet, why not delight your man with some special peppermint foot cream and a relaxing foot massage? Their feet are the first area of their body to show signs of stress. Now the Pisces man's instinct is to pay attention to you first, so he will have to get used to you lavishing attention on him. -