'No man is ever born violent'

GUEST SPEAKER: Mbuyiselo Botha (left) of the Men's Forum. Pic. Dan Fuphe. © Sowetan.
GUEST SPEAKER: Mbuyiselo Botha (left) of the Men's Forum. Pic. Dan Fuphe. © Sowetan.

Dan Fuphe

Dan Fuphe

The God we serve is a God of specifics, members of the Apostolic Gospel Church International (AGCI) were told during a service to launch the 16 Days of Activism Against Women and Children yesterday.

Speaking to an enthusiastic congregation which included senior magistrate Daniel Thulari and Councillor Thomas Kgopa, Mbuyiselo Botha of the Men's Forum used his wit to captivate his audience in Daveyton.

Botha was among several speakers invited by Pastor Jacob Mapaila to highlight the importance of the campaign.

"The violence we see today is because real men have abdicated their role as true providers. Men are used as ATMs by young girls and the church can sing and dance until the cows come home, but this violence will stay. Fathers fail to hug and appreciate the girl-child and as a result the girl will seek this outside the home,'' Botha warned.

He said men spent their time making money at the expense of their wives and children. He said the violence today was because boys lacked parental love.

"No man was born violent, violence is a learnt behaviour," he said.

A female congregant said she was almost turned into a hobo and drunkard by her abusive late husband. She recalled how one night she was forced to run out of the house half naked when her husband beat her up.

"An abusive relationship strips one of her or his dignity and identity,'' she said.

Local councillor Sphiwe Ditsego said: "In our country we speak of a united South Africa, but we are still divided by many forms of violence.''

Ditsego called on the church and community to disconnect from the violent past.