Anglo American CEO Cynthia Carroll answers readers

Is a geologist really qualified to run Anglo? - Theo Botha

During my 18 years at Alcan I have established a strong track record of improving operational performance and realising and integrating synergies across the group.

Anglo's shareholders haven't done as well from spinning off divisions like Mondi and Highveld as, say, Tiger Brands' shareholders have from the way that group sold various units. Is there a rethink in Anglo's turnaround strategy? - Theo Botha

No, on the contrary, the Mondi spinoff was very well received by our shareholders and is a successful stand- alone paper company today. Anglo American continues to perform well as a focused metals and mining group with our restructuring largely complete.

Will you negotiate or litigate the silicosis claims? - Phiroshaw Camay

The health and safety of all employees is of paramount importance to Anglo American. Miners affected by silicosis, particularly former miners living in rural areas, appear to experience practical difficulties in obtaining benefit examinations, treatment and statutory compensation benefits. Representatives of the mining industry, the unions and government are working together to find solutions to overcome these difficulties.

Angloplat is planning a dam on a tributary of the Steelpoort River, known as the Richmond Dam. Do you believe the dam will contribute to sustainable development? - Tony Harding

The local community residing on the property would be able to gain access to the dam for their crops and cattle farming, while the mine would only be able to use about 4megalitres a day for its operations.

Have you had support from other women CE's? - Phiroshaw Camay

Yes, I received numerous messages of support from many business leaders both men and women, and I interface regularly with the deputy president and the minister of minerals and energy.

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