Get up, stand up against crime

The arrest of four suspects in connection with the death of South African music superstar Lucky Dube is a welcome development which necessitates high praise for police.

Though this development will not reverse the tragic incident, it nonetheless shows what can be achieved through the joint efforts by the public and police. That much we pronounce, however, without presuming guilt on the part of the suspects, who will have their day in court to defend themselves.

Once again crime has robbed us of the talents of a world-renowned musician, who became yet another needless statistic to the everincreasing list of casualties.

Criminals still operate with impunity and display arrogant brutality towards their victims and a lack of respect for human life.

Once again, police must be commended for their swift action in appointing a team of crack detectives, who made the breakthrough relating to Dube's murder.

Prompt police response to crime calls should be a policy routinely applied to all criminal cases - not only high-profile ones.

There is a sense that the crime situation in this country is no longer desperate - though there's much work still to be done to erase the psychosis of fear among the crime-weary citizenry.

We can - and must - win the battle against criminals.