Course a winner for school sport

Richard Nkosi

Richard Nkosi

Kenneth "Conti" Kubheka, Safa coaching education head, believes that Mpumalanga school sport will benefit from the introductory coaching course that they are presenting.

Kubheka is presenting the course with Bazooka Mkhonza, Mpumalanga Academy of Sports development coach and Jurgen Brueggem, a development coach from Germany.

This course is the fruit of the twinning agreement that was signed in 1995 between German province North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) and Mpumalanga.

The agreement is based on mutual benefit and knowledge exchange, with one area of focus empowerment through sport.

"This is a special course for teachers and volunteers who assist schools in Mpumalanga with coaching. The programme will run all over the province and we are looking at empowering those enrolled with knowledge to train the children at schools," he said.

"The course covers all the credits of the Safa introductory course, which is 80 hours. Its duration is 12 days and there would be distance learning of two weeks.

"After training them we will ensure that they remain used by establishing a scouting network for the Mpumalanga Academy of Sport so that players recruited to the academy are recommended by them from the different clusters of the province," said Kubheka.