More jobs created, many still jobless

Robert Laing

Robert Laing

Jobs and salaries went up in the second quarter, but not enough to make much difference to the unemployment rate, Statistics South Africa (StatsSA) data released yesterday showed.

Employment rose by 53000 jobs to 8,3million people, Stats SA's quarterly employment statistics reported.

Stats SA also released its biannual Labour Force Survey yesterday, which showed a fractional improvement in the unemployment rate. Unemployment dropped to 25,5percent from 25,6percent in March last year.

Stats SA splits the economy into eight sectors. South Africa's consumer boom saw the trade sector employing 26000 more people. Trade is the third largest employer, accounting for 14percent of all formal jobs.

Services, the biggest sector at 28percent, only created 1000 new jobs. Finance, the second biggest employer at 27percent, hired 15000 more people.

The commodities boom saw mines hiring 9000 more people, but it only accounts for 5percent of the employment pie.

The only sector to report a drop in jobs from March to June was the transport, storage and communication industry, which shed 4000 people.

According to the data the best paid jobs are in the electricity, gas and water sector.

This is the smallest employer, with 1percent of the country's jobs. The average salary comes to R14975 a month.

The worst paid jobs are in construction where the average salary is R5407 a month.