Waiting will save unnecessary costs

Dear Morgan

Dear Morgan

Can you please explain about waiting lists for certain cars like the new C-Class or the BMW M3. Is it going to cost me money and shouldn't I just pay the premium and get one sooner if available? Gershom

Dear Gershom

Waiting lists usually apply to vehicles that are in high demand and short supply, such as the M3. Already there are long waiting lists but you need to remember that these lists are based on current availability of supply.

South Africa is part of the worldwide market to which the new BMW M3 will be supplied and will have to simply await its turn. The wait may be longer because first BMW will need to supply the M3 to its left-hand drive markets before ensuring the needs of the right-hand drive markets are catered for. Even then, there will be some delay.

As the supply gets going and BMW starts increasing the output of units from its international plants building M3, the waiting period will start diminishing.

There are some cases where manufacturers may ask you to put down a deposit to ensure your name is given priority on the list. General Motors did exactly that with the release of the HUMMER H3 some time ago.

The patience you display by waiting could save you between R30000 and R100000, depending on the vehicle you are waiting for.