Lottery winner throws a big party

Benson Ntlemo

Benson Ntlemo

Pensioner George "Show" Manganyi, who won R6million in the lottery before it was suspended, will throw a thanksgiving party tomorrow.

"We are going to thank God for what has happened and ask Him to give him many more years to enjoy life," said his daughter, Cecilia.

She said after her father won the money last year, he had renovated the family home, which will also be officially opened on the day.

Manganyi is a 73-year-old pensioner who worked for a steel factory in Johannesburg until his retirement.

He is a devout Roman Catholic .

Many people in his area of Malamulele say he is humble, despite being a millionaire.

Members of the Malamulele community have been invited to the party, which will include traditional cultural performances by Xigubu Xa Mahlawule and Vafana Va Ka Bene.