You can study to improve your life

For many people studying might seem an impossible dream.

For many people studying might seem an impossible dream.

But a flexible and accessible alternative to full- time education is a distance learning college such as INTEC, which allows you to study in your own time, own location and own pace.

Jan Badenhorst, INTEC's college manager, said their colleges are leading distance-learning institutions which offer more than 250 courses and enrol more than 38000 students each year.

He said the success of distance learning has been proved time and again, but that students should be aware of "fly-by-night" institutions.

"When enrolling, students should find out if a college is accredited by the government and ask for its accreditation number."

He said that studying at a reputable institution is a great way to start a new career or advance in a particular field. "Entrepreneurs who graduate from our Business Administration course find that it is a great way to ensure they have the business skills needed to make their company a success."

Students are sent material and submit assignments through the post, e-mail or fax.

If required to write exams, students can do so at a variety of locations and where practical training is required, INTEC makes arrangements.

Courses from matric to business and IT, and technical and vocational courses are offered.

Badenhorst said that studying in a field where there is a huge demand is wise.

"There are a number of gaps in the build-up to 2010 and there will be a greater need for skills in tourism, telecommunications, plumbing and electronics."