Rhythm City screens on Mondays

Zenoyise Madikwa and Patience Bambalele

Zenoyise Madikwa and Patience Bambalele

We know it is hard to believe this . but e.tv'sdailydrama series, Backstage is dead and buried.

In its dying days Backstage showed that good always conquered evil. Knocked as one of the most boring dramas on the small screen, Backstage displayed character in its last days. Drama was the order of the day. Viewers were kept bitting their nails in apprehension as the drama unfolded.

If you thought that the end of Backstage was going to be characterised by the burning down of Vulindlela, you thought wrong.

Last Friday audiences saw Mike, the feared thug gasping his last breath in a pool of blood, as he was shot dead by Spokes, another desperado.

Surprisingly, a soft-hearted Sgolwane, who wouldn't hurt a fly, knocked Spokes unconscious across the head. Unlike Mike, who was shot dead, fate had another idea for Chase, who escaped death after being shot by Spokes.

An extremely worried Roxanne breathed a sigh of relief on discovering that the bullet-proof vest saved her ex-boyfriend's life.

Now on a lighter note. After witnessing the shooting and Mike's death, Victor realised that life is short. He finally proposed to a very surprised Keketso, who accepted joyfully.

The bickering between Ipeleng and Katlego finally came to an end after they made up.

The whole Backstage crew signed off with a melodic song called Vulindlela - Open the way. Opening the way for the new drama Rhythm City, which will be screened on Mondays. Though it was clear from the beginning that the soap wasn't going to have a lengthy life, it did at least unearth fresh talent.