'I practised what I preach'

McKeed Kotlolo

McKeed Kotlolo

A man, who advises motorists on how to behave to avoid being harmed during a hijack or robbery, became a victim of crime himself last week.

But Mpumalanga's eastern highveld area police spokesman Superintendent Abbey Khoabane escaped without serious injuries because he said he practised what he preached.

Khoabane was attacked on Friday night when three gunmen held him up outside his Balfour house. He said he had just returned from the annual district Potato Festival for local police stations.

"I had just parked the state's vehicle, a Nissan Almera, outside my gate and I went to open the garage door," said Khoabane.

"I put some items and about R25000 belonging to the festival's service providers in the garage when three men who pretended to want cigarettes approached me at about 10pm."

He said: "The men said they wanted to buy cigarettes from my wife's tuck shop."

Khoabane said before he could serve them, they pointed a firearm at him

"They ordered me to start the vehicle and then pushed me away from the driver's seat," he said.

The spokesman said while they drove with him in the vehicle he applied what he taught motorists to do when they found themselves in a similar situation.

"I was calm and cooperative. I responded to their questions and avoided asking questions," said Khoabane.

"They took my cellphone and about R120. But not the R25000. They then dropped me off along the Balfour-Devon road after giving me a few slaps.

Khoabane said: "I walked on the side of the road and avoided oncoming traffic fearing I might be attacked again or that the gunmen might return.

"I arrived home at about 3am. I immediately alerted my colleagues and we searched for the suspects," he said.

Sergeant Sam Tshabalala of Secunda police said the state vehicle was found abandoned far from where Khoabane was dropped off.

"The car was damaged and it appeared to have overturned."