Lots of sex, not much joy

Zinhle Mapumulo

Zinhle Mapumulo

A sexual satisfaction survey has revealed that South Africans might be having a lot of sex - but they're not setting any bedrooms alight.

The Durex Global Sexual Wellbeing Survey, the results of which were released on Tuesday, found that South Africans have sex more often than people of many other nationalities.

The survey also found that they spend more time having sex, but only half of them say they are completely satisfied by the experience.

Elna Mackintosh, a doctor and sex expert, said frequency of sex, time spent doing it and the ability to have an orgasm did not necessarily equate to satisfaction.

"It's clear that by talking about your sexual problems with your doctor or with your partner your satisfaction levels could easily be improved," Mackintosh said.

The study found Nigerians to be the most sexually satisfied people (67 percent). They also spend the most time on sex (24 minutes a session). Indians reportedly have the quickest sex, at 13 minutes a time.

Mackintosh said the survey highlighted a number of areas in which improvements could be made.

"Taking time out with our partners, and introducing a little old-fashioned love and romance, would help to increase our satisfaction levels," Mackintosh said.

South Africans are listed fourth when it comes to frequency of having sex. The study shows that they have sex 120 times a year. The global average is 103 times.

l It is estimated that Greeks have sex 164 times a year.