Lowdown on the high jinks

I attended the relaunch of SABC1, and I have never seen people as drunk as the ones who attended the event.

I attended the relaunch of SABC1, and I have never seen people as drunk as the ones who attended the event.

HI could not believe seeing Masilo Motana, the axed One presenteras drunk or high as ever, moving around with a bunch of weird guys from Pretoria. She could barely move her eyes or dance properly. It's almost as if she lived in a slow world of her own. No, no sister, please don't let go of yourself like that.

HPenny Lebyane has a tendency to think the world revolves around her. I saw her looking very lost and edgy at the SABC1 relaunch party. She needs to lose some of that behind in that grey oldies number she wore. It just made her look at least seven years older. Sorry Sisi, but that's not how we know you. Come back.

HMrs TV international Uyanda Mbuli was there and God knows how she was feeling. She has had her hair cut. Between her and Khanyi Mbau I could not tell who wanted the most attention.

HSomebody needs to tell Chomee that when she gets off stage she should leave her costumes where they belong. She walked around in some lousy, shiny red and black leather-not-leather costume. No love, that's not on, especially since there were some important people there. Sometimes sex doesn't sell. You need to understand these things.

HDoes anybody know who Puleng is? Can somebody tell her to stop looking ordinary? She's supposed to be an award-winning musician. I swear I almost placed my drinks order with her: "Double Jack and... oops, sorry Puleng, is that you?"

HSo, before they start thinking we don't know we have been told by reliable sources that Sgonondo is leaving the 999 stable and apparently there's a plot to kill him. It's a little more dramatic than Mzekezeke's exit I think. How original Arthur, very smart my boy. I suppose this poor boy has realised that growth as Sgonondo would never be fast.

HI wonder how it feels for TS Records to not be involved in the SABC1 relaunch event. For party animals Amstel and Jeff not to be at the functionwas unusual. Why?

HClearly Koyo is feeling better 'cause he was jumping around like crazy. I'm glad he enjoyed himself. Is 3sum still together?

HWhere has Babalwa Mneno, Ms Foreign Customs, gone? We last heard of her when her foreign man left her unannounced.