SPCA is there to protect animals

Cheers for Charles Mogale's topic in his column, Flipside.

Cheers for Charles Mogale's topic in his column, Flipside.

He is the only one who managed to see beyond the racist bulldust over Tony Yengeni's cleansing ceremony.

The SPCA is not interested in rubbishing black people's culture, but is uptight about anyone causing an animal to suffer.

I am an SPCA supporter and I criticise anyone, of whatever religion, race or culture, who hurts animals. The SPCA hammered the Jews' practice of having animals throats slit while hanging upside down to make the meat kosher.

The Jews eventually changed to something less cruel. Mogale's point is that a beast can be killed faster and with less pain than being repeatedly stabbed with a spear by a man at a party, probably with a beer in his hand.

Some people believe the ancestors will not accept the sacrifice of a beast unless it bellows in its dying moments.

Why do these people, who believe that their tradition demands that they torture animals to death, not have the courage to say it out loud, if they are so proud of their culture.

Maybe I am another coconut, but I live in the modern world and I am not into torturing helpless animals.

Thabo Morapedi