Musho returns to SA for another season

Patience Bambalele

Patience Bambalele

The yearly International Musho Theatre Festival at the Catalina Theatre and the Kwasuka Theatre in Durban is back by popular demand.

The festival features one- and two-handers and starts on January 11. Launched last year, Musho embraces all forms of theatre.

Musho Festival organiser Emma Durden said: "The first festival was in January last year and was a resounding success with some fabulous productions, interesting dialogue, inspiring master classes and amazing support."

As it did last year, the festival will showcase innovative, interesting, articulate, sophisticated and cutting-edge theatre.

There are two international productions at this year's festival: Shrimps, produced by the Dam Company from the Netherlands, and Exile at Home, by an Israeli company.

A myriad South African productions includes Bridesmaid, The Horseshoe: out of money and out of luck, The Blue Period of Milton van der Spuy, Spitfire, Some Mothers' Sons, Tin Bucket Drum and Knowing You Knowing Me.

A hands-on physical theatre workshop will be held on Monday January 15, presented by Simon Rowe and Dorit Weintal. It will focus on integrating energetic and physical creative processes as well as teaching an understanding of the body-in-motion, and of visualisation and its character.

Classes are free for all performing artists, but bookings are essential.

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Tickets are R50 a person a show and R25 a person a show for students.