Celebs recall best Christmas moments when booze flowed and there was plenty for all

Loyiso Mangena, backstage (e.tv). Voteline: 083 910 1312. © Unknown.
Loyiso Mangena, backstage (e.tv). Voteline: 083 910 1312. © Unknown.

Zenoyise Madikwa

Zenoyise Madikwa

Hurray! Christmas is nearly upon us again. It is a magical time, wonderfully adorned with holiday trimmings and with a convergence of friends and family.

Rooms will be tinged with the aroma of tripe, brewed African beer, ginger beer, baked bread, scones and all the trimmings that are the makings of the best Christmas. Sowetan spoke to some celebs to find out how they spent their best Christmas.

Arthur Mafokate, a musician, singer, producer, performer and songwriter, aka "Mr Vuvuzela", said his best Christmas was in 1997 after he released Oyi Oyi, which was the blasting force of sound.

"I hosted a hot Christmas party at my house in Midrand on Christmas Eve. I was honoured to have people like Doctor Khumalo, Lebo Mathosa, Fani Madida and other hot celebs having fun in my house."

Mafokate said one of his neighbours called the cops to stop the party.

"When the police arrived they saw all these famous faces, apologised and left. The party went on till the next morning."

He said the next day he slaughtered a sheep for his family for the family Christmas party.

"About 60 family members and other celebs came. I had a lot of money and I bought all my family members presents. Each one of them took pictures with the celebs of their choice. It was fun and exciting for them."

Afro Jazz queen Simphiwe Dana said her best Christmas was in 1997 in her rural village in Tsolo.

"I grew up in the Transkei area and Christmas has always been a merry event with friends, neighbours and family. The Christmas of 1997 will forever be in my heart.

"My mother woke me and my siblings very early in the morning to "watch the sun play". It is traditional in some parts of Eastern Cape to watch the sun rise on Christmas Eve. There is a belief that it brings luck."

Dana said she remembers her mother dressing the children in new clothes very early in the morning when the sun kissed the morning dew.

"Each of us had a beautiful basket with flowers. We went around showing off our clothes and asking for a Christmas gift from the neighbourhood and from relatives who lived nearby. We put every goodie we got in our baskets."

Loyiso Mangena, aka "Chippa", said his best Christmas party was in 1997 in Mohlakeng on the West Rand.

"I was 16. I wore my new colourful Christmas clothes and went from house to house with friends and relatives who were visiting asking for Christmas presents. We were treated with sweets, baked cakes and scones.

"At home they slaughtered a white goat and brewed umqombothi and ginger beer. We ate till our stomachs could not take it anymore," said Mangena.

He said he has not been home for Christmas for four years.

"I miss those days. Things are very hectic these days - it is even difficult to visit home."