Wear shoes that flatter your foot

Amanda Ngudle

Amanda Ngudle

Tips for making dry feet look smaller and more supple:

People with long, wide feet often spend a lifetime hiding their feet in closed shoes for fear of exposing their feet to damaging environmental factors and mockery.

l Heels to the rescue:

Though high heels might not be that good for your feet or body, they will make your feet look smaller because of the way they project your feet. The heel lifts the back of the foot so that only the front gets the attention. This makes the foot appear smaller. Chunky heels and wedges usually accomplish this better than stiletto heels and they're usually much easier to wear.

The heel height isn't really a factor, but shoe styles that show just a hint of sole around the upper shoe will make your feet look shorter.

l Sculpt them well:

Round toes instead of pointy-toed shoes can make even the daintiest of feet appear long.

Because round-toe shoes are usually very close-fitting, they also make the foot look thinner.

Narrow shoe styles are also a good idea if your feet look too wide, but if it's the length of your feet that worries you, leave slim shoes to people with pointy toes.

l Colour them thin:

Shoes in dark colours will make your feet appear smaller and lighter than shoes in pastel shades. But there is more to life than just black. Look around and you will find nice colours like dark brown, navy blue, charcoal, burgundy and mahogany.

l No skimpy sandals allowed:

Strappy sandals that expose a lot of the foot will make anyone's foot look larger, but showing a little bit of your foot can work wonders. To break the sentence of just wearing closed shoes, women can try peep-toes and slingbacks.

l The big shoe don'ts:

One of the biggest shoe fashion mistakes is choosing a big-looking pair because this will just make matters worse - it makes feet look even bigger. Get a shoe that fits well and looks good from the side too.

l Don't ever:

Remove your shoes while driving in the car to a function; the vibrations make the feet swell slightly and if you remove the shoe later because they're uncomfortable, the results will be unbearable.