Inside Thapelo Molomo’s game plan for ‘Idols SA’

28 October 2022 - 08:29
By Constance Gaanakgomo
‘Idols SA’ season 18 Top 4 contestant Thapelo Molomo said he is happy that the world gets to witness his gift.
Image: SUPPLIED FEELING THE LOVE: ‘Idols SA’ season 18 Top 4 contestant Thapelo Molomo said he is happy that the world gets to witness his gift.

He has proven he is a strong contender to actually walk away the winner of Idols SA season 18.

Week in and week out, Thapelo Molomo has been winning the hearts of Mzansi by delivering consistent performances.

For Molomo, it is really simple; he is grateful that he is in a position to show the world what he can offer, and the world in return is finally seeing him. 

The competition is getting tight as it is nears the goalpost and like any player, Molomo has a solid game plan. 

“I’m planning to put in extra work with regards to executing the music on stage very well and also just continue to encourage people to vote for me by ensuring that I deliver every Sunday during my performances.”

He said he had already caught the attention of musicians who wanted to work with him beyond the Idols SA competition. 

“The platform has changed my life massively, because I was able to get quite beautiful offers from a lot of gospel industry artists.

“They’ve showed so much interest and were so impressed with how I sing on stage and they are willing to show support after the competition, even if I don’t win.

“I was so glad that finally my gift gets to be seen by the world and God’s plan continues to prevail,” he said.

Asked what happens to him when he steps on stage, Molomo said: “It’s the positive energy, I always tell myself to go all in because this could be the last chance performing on the stage, so I do my best.

“I always use those words to encourage myself and they have been working beautifully for me and I’m so grateful.” 

Molomo is confident he will go all the way to the finishing line.

“I believe I do have those qualities in terms of how people have been receiving me in SA and all the Idols SA viewers.

“The support has been so huge and people have been voting, and I definitely see myself going through to the finale through the love and support that people have been showing me. 

“What fuelled the energy is me having a teachable spirit. I listen to what the judges say and I take note and then I implement.

“When I don’t understand something I find ways of dealing with that thing. I just listen and learn and then I take challenges and make sure that I deliver.”

The 29-year-old singer has three years’ experience working in the wellness division as a psychologist at the SAPS.

“I’m definitely going back to the SAPS because they have been supportive and I have been enjoying my work so much.

“So I can’t resign at work now and they’ve proven that they are very supportive.”

That made him want to stay and still do music, he said.