Icons, their star offspring talk family lives, beauty and other challenges in S-Mag

Shamiso and I drifted but got closer than before – Azania Mosaka

23 March 2023 - 11:43
By Emmanuel Tjiya
Veteran actor Connie Ferguson with daughter Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson
Image: STEVE TANCHEL Veteran actor Connie Ferguson with daughter Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson

Introducing our two covers for the Beauty Issue of SMag featuring famous mother-daughter duos Azania and Shamiso Mosaka, plus Connie Ferguson and Lesedi Matsunyane-Ferguson. 

S-Maggers, dare to try something new, unexpected and different this year. Whether it’s unapologetically embracing tattoos with open arms like Shamiso. Or the revival of old cosmetics trends like Ferguson (loved for her signature push-back) rocking a 1970s’ inspired bouffant.  

The idea of beauty is always shifting. We are celebrating intergenerational beauty and embracing cosmetics trends that are not always popular. We are all beautiful. Afro, braids, bald, weaves, extensions, twists, wigs, blonde, black, grey, pink… go big or go home – the choice is yours. Inked, freckles, bare-face, face-beat, contouring, microblading… melanin magic is diverse and not painted with one brush. But always remember that Black is beautiful. 

Image: Steve Tanchel SMag Beauty Issue

On the cover of SMan, we honour the evolution of the idolised leading man in local filmmaking. Warren Masemola has positioned himself as his generation’s most respected and in-demand actor. He continues to carry each production he’s involved in on his shoulders using a combination of charisma, confidence and talent. With his own unique approach, his House of Zwide co-star Wanda Zuma has in the last two years mesmerised television viewers, shaping his landscape to become the most exciting leading man for young desire. 

The magazine is out this tomorrow, found inside Sowetan for free, when you purchase the newspaper. Here are some highlights from the issue: 

Ferguson on the death of her late husband Shona: “It’s something I didn’t choose, it happened to me. I’ve always had a partner in crime until July 2021 happened [the death of Shona]. And it was loss after loss. At one point I asked myself what was going on, some people say bad luck comes in threes, but it seemed like never ending.” 

Azania Mosaka and daughter Shamiso Mosaka
Image: STEVE TANCHEL Azania Mosaka and daughter Shamiso Mosaka

Azania on Shamiso being cyberbullied in 2017: “When bringing up children we are always focused on the little ones marching to our line. The incident affected both of us terribly and opened my eyes. [Author] Kahlil Gibran puts it well that as a parent you’re just a vessel, yours is to facilitate, children come through you, and not from you, and that’s the gift that came with Shamiso. She pushed and forced me to face certain lessons. We had drifted but got closer than before, and as a result I’m parenting my younger son differently.” 

Image: Steve Tanchel SMag Beauty Issue

Shamiso on using tattoos (she has over 40 designs) as art therapy: “I have a habit of self-harming, so when I’m sad I’d rather get a tattoo. That adrenaline. And when I look at my face, I feel lighter. For me, tattoos are a healthy way to deal with pain instead of dabbling in more dangerous things.” 

Matsunyane-Ferguson on her famous parents: “Of course, there is constant comparison and pressure with being Connie Ferguson’s daughter. It’s as though they expect me to either be like her or be something better – be it in the way I look, how I dress or in my career.” 

Image: Steve Tanchel SMan cover

Masemola on living with alopecia: “I’ve been living with alopecia since I was six years old, and it has taken me on different journeys. A lot of people still don’t understand that alopecia is not an illness, it’s a condition. This condition has given me a different way of storytelling that works for how I look, which makes me completely unique.” 

Zuma on being the hottest new leading man in town: “It makes me feel good because it means I’m doing something right. However, as much as I wanted to be an actor, I’ve always been someone who shies away from the limelight. I don’t like getting a lot of attention because of my introverted personality.”