Get your 'party on' this December with some glitter

The future seems bright (and rather glittery) as we look ahead with renewed positivity and some stellar makeup tricks

01 December 2021 - 13:00
By Nokubonga Thusi

It’s been a long year and it’s time to get out the house, armed with the ultimate post-lockdown, fully-vaxxed summer guide to get you feeling like (new) normal again. 

For renewed positivity, here are some stellar makeup tricks you can try out this summer: 

  1. Go-go glitter: It’s the season of glitter and, if you’re anything like us, you don’t hold back on the sparkle.

    This year, keep glitter tight, controlled, and powerful by giving it a nostalgic twist that borrows from the ’60s mod era. Start by creating a graphic winged shape that tucks snuggly in the eye crease using a black eyeliner, making sure to leave some negative space in the centre.

    With a flat, dense brush, pack on a glitter pigment of your colour choice, using Vaseline or glitter paste as an adhesive.

  2. Silver futurism: We never thought we’d see the return of the frosty lid, but we are so glad we did.
    On the runways of Balmain and HUI, silver got a modern update with applications that place it as a slither along the lash line or as a diaphanous wash in the inner corners of the eye for a welcome glint of light. 

  3. Galactic black: If this year has proven anything, it’s that black remains a popular shade staple for eyes. Runways have served up just about every variation imaginable, including sooty, smoky eyes, graphic black, and smudged-out under-liner.
    Take black to new heights with a layering of black glitter to give a crystalline, almost moon-rock feel to a graphic black shape.