READER LETTER | ANC destroyed country’s two top universities

21 November 2023 - 10:10
The ANC flag. File photo.
Image: Ziphozonke Lushaba The ANC flag. File photo.

Two world-renowned universities that enjoyed centuries of academic excellence, fame and international recognition have been reduced to nothingness in just 29 years of democracy.

Many who were proudly in possession of various qualifications from these institutions wonder if there is still any credibility in their achievements. That is the problem with drastic, poorly planned and executed transformation goals leading to the crushing inevitable collapse of everything, and when you look at the people expected to carry out such transformative responsibility, you wonder how anybody could have thought they had the competence to handle such academically and cognitively challenging positions.

Everything the ANC government has touched has collapsed. Today, 10 suspected murderers will appear in court for the ongoing murders at the University of Fort Hare, while the chaos at Unisa continues. What was all this rush to change everything that has ended up killing everything that was good in this country in just 29 years?

Cometh Dube-Makholwa, Midrand