Want a goat to stand in for you on Zoom? It’ll cost you around R102 for 5 minutes

07 February 2021 - 08:59
By kyle zeeman AND Kyle Zeeman
Imagine Zooming with a goat?
Image: Loren Elliot/Reuters Imagine Zooming with a goat?

With the global Covid-19 pandemic forcing many people to stay home and participate in endless Zoom meetings, one farm in the UK is hiring out goats to stand in for you.

Unfortunately, the animals don’t know how to unmute themselves nor how to switch on the camera.

Cronkshaw Fold farm in Lancashire made headlines this week when its Goats on Zoom programme went viral.

In a description on their website, the farm said it can help “ascertain whether your colleagues, friends and family are paying attention” during the call.

There are several goats to choose from, each with its own personality- so they can fit right in - and cost around £5 (about R102) for five minutes.

“The goats are savvy in Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Blue Jeans, Skype, Google Hangouts, Jitsi, Go To Meeting and Ring Central. Want to use a different platform? Message us,” the website advertised.

From Zoom-bombing to live “kidnappings” during calls, bored participants have been doing the most during the pandemic.

At least with a goat, you know the boss won’t catch you working in a towel.