WATCH | 86-year-old woman rescued in Ladysmith flood as family considers move from riverbank home

24 January 2022 - 09:50
By Emile Bosch

Ladysmith resident Feroza Kharva and her family have experienced 15 floods during more than five decades of living in the area.

During the latest severe flooding in the area, Kharva, her sister and 86-year-old mother were recused by the Al-Imdaad Foundation from their riverbank home in the town. 

“When water started coming up the landing, my nephew saw the pictures on our family group. He phoned and said it is not right that I remain here,” she said. 

Members of the Al-Imdaad Foundation rescued the family in boats close to midnight on the night of January 16. 

The 58-year-old teacher lost her father last August and said the recent flooding is a double blow.

“I was just recovering from the first one, trying to get my daddy’s affairs in order. What has happened now, I’m keeping a calm head, trying to be strong.”

Kharva is heartbroken that her father’s life savings and the family home were severely damaged by floodwaters. 

The latest flooding may l be the final straw for the Kharva family, who are considering leaving the area for good.