'I'm happy playing a criminal because acting is my craft'

Mosenye plans to stand out in his Muvhango role

02 February 2023 - 09:23
By Constance Gaanakgomo AND Constance Gaanakgomo
Don Mosenye has joined 'Muvhango' as Tshifhiwa.
Image: Supplied Don Mosenye has joined 'Muvhango' as Tshifhiwa.

Seasoned actor Don Mosenye whose is popularly known for his role in Generations as Queen Moroka's love interest, joined Muvhango as Tshifhiwa.

The new character is Mpho and Lindelani’s half-brother who loves money and power and, speaking to Sowetan's sister publication TshisaLIVE, he said it was easy to embody the character.

“He is layered... he's a people's person but then he does his other things, this other persona side of his, the dark side of him. So you need to blend all that and be able to portray it. I can't say it was easy or difficult to portray him, so borderline.

"There are moments where you don't want to be stagnant, you don't want to be monotonous, your character not showing different layers. I had time to prepare so it was quite an experience. I would say it was difficult and easy. The fact that one was trained in this thing and I have experience, so it's a process that I would say it was easy to embody that character.”

In its 26th year on air, the SABC2 soapie debuted its 24th season this year.

“When you join a show that's been there for 25 years, where a lot of people are very familiar with it, where the audiences have come and gone, the fact is you want to bring as an actor an element of something different. You don't want it to seem like you are adding numbers. You want to bring something to not only the character itself but also to attract the audiences, because the audiences come and go.”

“There's a lot of competition with the new streaming and people have preferences. You don't want to be a character that's just added, you want to bring something that's worthwhile and colourful so that you can reflect as an actor to say that when the days of shooting are over you reflect and say, 'I've given it my all', explained Don to TshisaLIVE.

On television, Don has starred in a number of productions including Unmarried S2, Easy Money, Sokhulu & Partners, Getroud met Rugby and Rhythm City

He said though he has played characters who were criminals, he's never taken on one like Tshifhiwa.

“That he is an ex-convict of white collar crime, I mean I've played  a criminal before, mostly violent crimes and typical stuff we know we see on the news daily. Not to say white collar crime does not happen but I've never really had to embody a character who does white collar crime and is still friendly and has a dark side to him and all that. 

With 18 years in the industry Don says he has managed to stay true to his craft in an ever-changing environment. 

“Sticking to my craft is all I know, that's what I'm trained in and that's what I know I can offer on the table and I can bring the performance, the consistency, professionalism. I have these values engraved in me. So that's what propels me.

"Yes, there are new ways of doing things but I'm honestly not governed by that. I'm trained in what I do, the game perhaps changes but I don't let that determine how I conduct myself, I carry on with my job by the process of auditioning.” – TshisaLIVE