Kelly Khumalo back with Tropika Island of Treasure

01 April 2022 - 15:46
By Amanda Maliba
Kelly Khumalo.
Image: Supplied. Kelly Khumalo.

After nine seasons of the Tropika Island of Treasure, a new offering of this competitive celebrity reality show was officially launched on Thursday night at Hyde Park’s Southern Sun Hotel – unveiling the All Star cast that was chosen from the past seasons. 

This season will feature Kelly Khumalo, Nay Maps, Sashi Naaido, Brendan Peyper, Maurice Paige, Roxy Louw, Jonathan Boynton-Lee, Karlien van Jaarsveld and Khanya Mkangisa as the nine hand-picked celebrities who will be competing, with season 7 winner Anga Makubalo aka NaaqMusiq announced as this year's official host. 

Speaking to Khumalo at the hotel's rooftop party, the star, who was dressed in a glittery gold mini dress, said although she is nervous because she knows what is at stake, she was equally excited

Khumalo makes her return to the show, having been on the very first and the second seasons.

“As much as one would be excited about the great destination on an island, and spending time with co-stars, at the end of the day it is still a competition. I have to question my fitness levels and whether I have prepared myself enough to make sure that I win the money. I want the million rand prize at the end,” adding also that having missed the prize money twice.

“I cannot afford to miss it again,” she said laughing. 

The prize money will be shared between the winning All Star contestant and their Tropika consumer partners. 

“The first time I don’t think I was well prepared for what laid ahead of me because I didn't know what to expect, and the second time I was pregnant with my son. This time around, what will my excuse be if I don't win?"

Asked what her strategy was, the excited singer revealed that she is working out more. 

“For instance, the last two times I couldn’t even swim and whatnot, but now I have started taking my swimming lessons and I train on a daily basis to make sure that I am fit enough for any challenges that come. So that is what I am doing differently this time around,” she said. 

Although she initially joked about her age, Khumalo said she is more than ready to compete and bring the level of entertainment that comes with the show she said.

Commenting on the show’s return post lockdown, Clover Beverages marketing manager Miantha Roux said: “We are excited to be bringing back Tropika Island of Treasure after a year-- long Covid-19 induced hiatus. This 10th season we hope will be smoother than any other with a celebration consisting of returning All Star contestants taking their dreams once again to paradise.” 

Previous celebrity winners include Pam Andrews, JR Bogopa, Da LES, and returnees Shashi Naidoo, Brendan Peyper and Nadia Jaftha.

The show will air on SABC 3 in September right through until December.