Radio, TV veteran Pabi Moloi goes back to school

Media darling unfazed by busy work life, motherhood

23 March 2022 - 07:43
By Amanda Maliba
Pabi Moloi.
Image: Supplied Pabi Moloi.

Radio and TV personality Pabi Moloi has built a solid career for over 30 years now, having started appearing on the small screen at 11 as a presenter on KTV.

With a busy work life – on's Breakfast Show and Weekend Breakfast on Power FM  – and juggling motherhood, she took time to speak to Sowetan on what is happening in her life, and she excitedly shared that she has gone back to school. 

“I am studying entrepreneurship through the School of Entrepreneurship. I have always been excited by starting projects and working for myself and this opportunity to learn is just what I needed in 2022,” she said. 

This qualification will be used  towards an interesting product in the work-out realm that she is currently developing and will reveal in due time. 

“I also studied Life Coaching last year and I see all these worlds finally connecting. It's an exciting time,” she said. 

“This period of my life has been incredibly transformative. I have settled into my space as a content contributor and host of's The Morning Show and my Power Weekend Breakfast talk show keeps growing and evolving into a space for deep conversations about spirituality, politics, personal development and most currently mental health issues. 2022 is the year of mental health and I think it is so powerful to have these spaces to work with.”

Passionate about issues that surround mental health, the media darling once tweeted the frustrations of living in today’s time, being worried about our loved ones and children, while also having salaries slashed or completely taken away. 

“The world has experienced immense trauma over the last two years. It would be unwise to forget this and to expect people to continue on as if everything is normal. I believe so closely in creating nurturing spaces for connection and exploration of our own innate ability to heal.

"So with the experience I have amassed over the years I am actively bringing Mental Health and Healing conversations to both the platforms I currently broadcast on,” she told Sowetan. 

About her own mental health journey, she said: “In my journey, that 'down-time' was exactly what I needed. I went inward to heal a lot of the anxieties I was faced with. I leaned on my family and I rested my body. I also made visualisation a massive part of my new armory.

"I visualised new beginnings, new opportunities, new friendships and in 2021 almost 100% of my vision board became a reality. It isn't all hippie stuff though, I am a part of several talk therapy groups where I gain practical knowledge and support.”

As a working mother, another of her passions is shining a light on the struggles that some women face day-to-day.

“What saddens me is when moms hold other moms to cruel and ridiculous standards. If we stick together, all the more we can achieve. I have tremendously loving moms around me and there is usually an ear-to-hear- me vent or to figure out how to master new parenting skills. I am a big believer in working together as moms in the workplace...”

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