Here's how you can watch Beyoncé‚ Jay-Z and Usher in Joburg

09 July 2018 - 16:15
By Jessica Levitt
Beyonce and Jay Z.
Image: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images For Parkwood Entertainment Beyonce and Jay Z.

So you're a big fan of Beyoncé‚ Jay-Z‚ Usher‚ Oprah and Ed Sheeran? Or how about Tyler Perry‚ Gayle King and Forest Whitaker? Well‚ with all of these guys (plus a heck load more) you're probably already planning your saving strategy.

Well‚ stop.

The Global Citizen Festival is a free and ticketless festival. Yup! You can't buy your way into this one.

Instead‚ entrance is earned through actions and these actions earn you a place into the concert on December 2 at FNB Stadium.

You application to win a free ticket once you have taken action opens on August 21.

The process explained:

Tickets to the Global Citizen Festival Mandela 100 are free. All you need to do is take action on Global Citizen’s platform to become eligible to win a free ticket. Starting on 21 Aug‚ you can take action on‚ in the Global Citizen app — which you can download data-free if you are a Vodacom customer — or you can find us on Facebook Messenger. Just search “Global Citizen” in Facebook Messenger‚ and you can learn more about Global Citizen and take action. Once you have earned enough points by taking action‚ you can enter into a drawing to win free tickets. Eligible winners will be chosen at random and every winner will get a pair (2) of free tickets.

You can read more about the process here.