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Muso Moonchild Sanelly is heading off to Europe in two months' time to open for SA band Die Antwoord‚ but is a little low on coins. So‚ she turned to crowdfunding to try make her trip a success.

The star was over the moon when she got a call from Roc Nation YES!‚ THAT ROC NATION! and invited to perform with Die Antwoord across Europe for a month. She will be performing at several shows with the group across several major cities‚ including in Ukraine‚ Russia‚ Budapest‚ Germany‚ Prague and Slovakia.

Talk about levels‚ mchanas

It's massive news‚ except for the fact that the money coming in isn't enough to cover the trip‚ and Moonchild ain't about that bank loan life.

So‚ the star has launched a crowdfunding page to try raise the moolah needed to make sure her and her small crew don't have to hitchhike and sleep under bridges.

The goal on her page‚ which can be found here‚ is $7‚100 or R97k‚ but she says it is flexible.

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"They pay a booking fee and within that fee I am paying for hotels and transport for me and my team. I started a page that will help me raise the rest. It is expensive in Europe so I need to cover accommodation‚ transport and other living costs. It isn't to give me a holiday‚ it is to make sure the show's work out. I am going to be the next big thing out of SA after Black Coffee and that means investment".

She said that she was confident her fans will come through for her‚ and have even offered some cool incentives to donate.

Here's what you can get if you donate:

$40 (R550) - A Future Baby T-shirt

$80 (R1‚100) - All her music digitally‚ a Future Baby T and a free ticket for you and a friend to her SA tour when she comes back from her overseas tour. Also the opportunity to be an extra in a music video.

$100 (R1‚370) - A one-on-one WhatsApp call with Moonchild for advice and a little chat.

$1‚000 (13‚700) - A full private concert for you and your friends. If you are not in SA‚ the show stands but you need to bring her to you.

After the tour‚ Moonchild is going to be heading to other European festivals and even work with Gorillaz creators Damon Albarn. While she is away‚ she is going to drop an album with DJ Maphorisa.

In the words of Robbie Malinga Jnr: "It's too much!"

And even though it might seem a little steep‚ Moonchild says it is an investment in a future star that you won't regret.

"I want to be a global artist. I want to be everywhere. I don't want to be a South African artist that visits overseas and competes on the local charts. I'm here to compete on the Billboards man."

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