According to one interviewee, having sex in the open air makes them feel like they are one with nature.

Many people always describe their great escapes as places or activities to get away from the pandemonium in their everyday lives and recharge their batteries.

Usually their mind is at ease at these great escapes and they are able to come back to their regular lives with a renewed outlook and peace of mind.

But can one also get this renewed energy by going on sex escapes, where one gets to have the best sex ever?

The following individuals describe their best sexcapades which they highly recommend to anyone:

For 35-year-old *William Sejake from Lotus Gardens in Pretoria, the best sex he had was in December when he took his girlfriend on a "baecation" to an exotic resort in Cederberg outside Cape Town.

The resort is famous for the natural experience from its open-air "rooms".

"The place is called Kagga Kamma. What makes it special is they have open-air suites where you literally sleep under the stars. The bed is in the middle of nowhere, although it is very private.

"Making love under the stars provided us with a sense of intimacy I never experienced before.

"It was like we were the only people on earth and we were one with nature," he says.

Sex in the office can offer an escape, but be careful not to get caught .
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Forty-three-year-old *Fikile Ndlovu, who is originally from Maluti in the Eastern Cape, says her sex escape is when her kids visit her parents in the Eastern Cape during school holidays, because she says that's when she gets to have great sex with her husband.

Fikile has three kids aged 7, 9 and their eldest is 16.

"Sex with kids in the house is no fun, and yes there have been times when we stole a moment or two while they were out on play dates or at school, but it just isn't the same gratification as knowing they are kilometres away.

"My eldest daughter is the one who makes me the most nervous because she knows about sex and if she walked in on us or heard anything, we couldn't get away with any excuse.

"We get to go wild and have sex like when we started dating after I ship them away to my parents.

"They get to see their friends and enjoy time with their grandparents while we get to have the best sex ever without a chip on our shoulders."

*Thandi Mahlangu, a 28-year-old final-year law student in Johannesburg says she usually drives for more than eight hours to visit her long-distance lover, who stays in Amanzimtoti in KwaZulu-Natal. This, she says, is her sex escape.

"Long-distance love is not easy. But when it comes to the sex, I give it a thumbs up. We end up consumed in passion because we had missed each other so much, and every time we get together, it is like a wave of relief washes over us.

"I really don't mind the drive because the great sex that awaits me makes it worth my while. It is like drinking water after traversing through the desert for months," she says.

*Not their real names.

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