Sir John Barnett and Beyoncé
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Sir John Barnett, the man who has created makeup looks for megastar Beyoncé and Bollywood sensation Priyanka Chopra, has partnered with Woolworths for a limited edition range simply titled Volume 1.

The range consists of a highlighter stick, an eyeshadow palette, a hydrating lipstick, liquid eyeshadows and nail lacquers.

The makeup does not disappoint and is made from the "finest oils and extracts from natural botanical sources".

The range is a playful luminescent offering with deep, medium and light tones in the eyeshadow palette, allowing the consumer to create bright looks that'll warm up any room this Autumn/Winter season.

Sowetan sat down with the celebrated makeup artist.

"What intrigued me and what I found endearing about SA women is that they're not trend hooked... they use celebrities as a point of reference but they've got their own identity, their unique sense of self and secret sauce that, for me, was quite inspirational," he says.

- Stylist and influencer Tshepi Vundla at the SJXWBeauty launch.
- Eye shadow palette from the SJXWBeauty range.
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According to Barnett, it's all about the eyes this season.

So, I asked how does a woman who wears glasses enhance the eye?

"Use a tinted eyeliner or a tinted mascara," he says.

Any help on how to handle doing your eyebrows?

"As you evolve, as you know where you want your brow to lie, which is hopefully a lateral brow, which they have in Japan, or a straighter brow which is flattering on everybody.

"The trick is getting a better handle of the pencil, the application process. So it's not about the product but how you're using it. For example, if you have oily skin and you use a pencil which is waxy, you need to set it with powder," he explains.

Barnett's relationship with W.Beauty began in 2016, and it's a first for the beauty side of the retailer. During a press launch, when asked why he chose SA for this first, Barnett replied: "I've been around the world, seen a lot of things and I know a lot of people, but when I came here it fed my soul in a way that it hadn't been [before]."

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