Master KG is now a huge YouTube star with his hit Jerusalema.
Image: Veli Nhlapo
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Master KG's monster hit and now global dance phenomenon, Jerusalema, has surpassed 50 million views on YouTube, making quite decent money for him in the process.

CEO of OpenMic Productions, Lionel Jamela, confirmed that the star is also expecting to score more cash from royalties garnered from various versions of the song done in different countries.

"The payment is a long process. YouTube normally pays the recording company and the company pays the artist," Jamela explained.

"But unfortunately I cannot disclose the amount of money due to the company because that is private matter."

Master KG, born Kgaogelo Moagi in Limpopo, officially became SA's second-best artist with high YouTube views for a song.

Afrikaans hip-hop band Die Antwoord leads the way with 109 million views on its hit Banana Braina.

Meanwhile, 2010 World Cup theme song Waka Waka by Colombian singer Shakira leads the way with 2.5 billion views. Master KG released Jerusalema in 2019 but the sudden global interest came with the release of the remix done with Nigerian superstar Burna Boy.

The song also features vocalist Nomcebo Zikode. Since then different versions of the song and dance challenges have been created in countries like Italy, France, US, Brazil, India and China.

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Legendary music producer Sello "Chicco" Twala, who produced many hits for himself and the late Brenda Fassie, has praised Master KG for his recent achievement.

Twala said the DJ's trump card is the song's catchy melody, which was done in a very simple way.

"The first time you hear the song it grabs your attention. The melody is simple and you can adopt it to any language. Simplicity is what makes good song fly all over the world. But if he had done the song in an English language it would have not become the hit that it is today," Twala said.

Master KG said he and Nomcebo never anticipated the song to fly so high when they recorded it on August 29 last year. "Two years ago I dropped Skeleton Move which did 23 million views as my first single as a mainstream artist.

Seeing Jerusalema doing even more makes me emotional. Thank you to everyone involved in the success of this song. This is proof that God has time for everything. I am happy and I thank God for taking me this far. I look forward to more."

Jamela said: "We are humbled by the success of Master KG and Jerusalema. This is a victory for all young men who come from the overlooked and forgotten corners of our country and society. Master KG has proven his mettle and that he is world-class in a short space of time. He is a passionate musician and a hard worker."

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