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THE bad girl of Generations, Zenande Mfenyana, says she did not land her role by chance or fortune.

The outspoken Mfenyana, who portrays Noluntu, says this was her calling. She was introduced to Generations viewers in November last year as a daughter of media mogul Mawande Memela.

Her irritating and annoying character as Noluntu has certainly made the soapie more exciting.

Born on the East Rand, she agrees that joining Generations was the biggest break in her acting career.

"I am happy that I got this job. I freelanced a lot. I had reached a point where I needed stability in my career. You need steadiness in order to plan your future perfectly."

Mfenyane is relatively new to the television world but is already showing signs of being a passionate actress. Followers of the soapie have already fallen in love with this girl who somehow manages to get under people's skin.

She defines Noluntu as an attention seeker and rude girl who is always stepping on people's toes. She shares some scant similarities with the role she portrays.

"Noluntu is very overprotective of her family, especially now that there is a new addition to the family. She comes from a wealthy family and she does not relate to poverty. There are people like that in real life," she says.

She says the difference between her and Noluntu is that she is not a trust fund child.

"I was taught at a young age that if I wanted to achieve something I needed to work hard. I relate to poverty.

"I always try to be realistic when I portray the character, without judging her. Some people can relate to her. Like her, I also love my family," she says.

Mfenyana, whose parents now live in Queenstown in Eastern Cape, comes from a theatre background. After graduating in 2009 with a degree in drama from Tshwane University of Technology, she was involved in some children's productions. She also toured with a music show to numerous schools in Gauteng.

"I did a little bit of behind the scenes and casting assistance. I learned a lot about the industry while trying to find my feet. The situation was not bad because I survived on voice-overs."

Like every other actor, the soapie star said that after graduating, finding work was not easy.

"When I was not getting any jobs there was a time whenI doubted whether I had chosen the right career path. I would have serious conversations with God, asking many questions. I am happy that something permanent came up."

But she is grateful that her dream of becoming an actress finally became a reality. Mfenyana said not all people achieved their dreams.

"Not many people are fortunate to have dreams that materialise. It takes a lot of passion and patience to get where I am. It has been a grateful journey - with all those experiences."

The young actress says she had always wanted to be an actress from a young age.

"I was always involved in all school plays. I knew from a young age that I belonged to the entertainment industry. I am happy that my parents supported the idea."

At heart, Mfenyana is a talkative, funny and witty person who is not fazed by the attention she receives. She still yearns to do more in the industry and hopes to one day help other aspiring actors in their careers.

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