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Khune blew precious minutes

By Kgomotso Mokoena | 2011-10-10 07:25:49.0 | COMMENTS [ 228 ]

BAFANA Bafana goalkeeper Itumeleng Khune displayed the most unsportsmanlike behaviour with his time-wasting antics when Bafana Bafana drew against Sierra Leone on Saturday.

Bafana were bundled out of the 2012 Africa Cup of Nations and Niger will advance as Group G leaders based on the head-to-head rule.

It was thought that a draw with Sierra Leone was enough, should Egypt beat Niger, and Khune got wind of the news that the young Pharaohs were hammering Niger 3-0 in Cairo.

That's when the Khune show rolled into Mbombela as the acrobatic Kaizer Chiefs keeper rolled around pretending to be in tremendous pain.

But what he did not know was that that time could have been used to pursue a goal that would have taken Bafana to the Cup of Nations.

He must have wasted about five minutes with the medical team.

Whether he was following instructions from the technical team remains unknown, but it was just plain bad sportsmanship. This infuriated Sierra Leone players, who confronted the Kenyan referee to demand he add the time Khune was wasting.

Indirectly giving the Leone Stars the middle finger, Khune was one of the first players to run the length of the pitch celebrating. Today he must know those minutes he threw away could have averted the nightmare.

COMMENTS [ 228 ]

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@ Buckselona

tltltltltltltl i think the other DOWNS fan have the female avatar and is a he...maybe they like it that way hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm?

PSL boss and we will enjoy the last of it until we take a break to watch AFCON and see what deserving countries do on AFRICA's BIGGEST FOOTBALL SPECTACLE...this BB is such a disapointment to think that we have to play WC qualifiers in JUNE next year makes me wonder if we will make it with the team and coach we have hai i doubt it>>>

2011-10-10 11:45:54.0 | 0 replies

So guys if Domkat was on the field wat different will he had done.
three goals would have gone pass him.

2011-10-10 10:54:34.0 | 0 replies

@Zinyangifisa-izifebe ukhuluma ukunya msunu wakho!

Yewena mdidi kanyoko omanzi! y dont u comment on d article n leave me alone slima, zebraz fans r 100% dom i'm not suprised by ur stupid comment Malebe enja yakini!!!!!!!! BUCS RULZ.
kikikikikikikiki yah neh people can thuka so early in morning hahahahahahaha

Bafana did well for not qualifying.They saved themselves all the embarassment how were they goint to compete with the likes of Cote de Voire and Ghana if they couldnt beat Siera Leone?Fact is those Mzansi is over rated they play kak football.

2011-10-10 10:54:20.0 | 0 replies

Khune blew precious minutes
Blatant lies. From the caption right down to the last dot on the article.There were 11 players on the field for all 90 minutes of that game. The team lost; Khune alone is no excuse. We qualify by scoring goals and winning the matches. We went into that match hoping to piggy-tail on Égypt's victory over Niger instead of priming our team to take 3 points.

2011-10-10 10:53:14.0 | 0 replies

Its all left in the hands of the Mighty Bucs to show Africa what SA is made of...



2011-10-10 10:50:35.0 | 0 replies

Khune was verrrrrry clever in executing what he was mandated to do...Khune doesn't score goals he prevents them, & he did...Mphela on the other hand was supposed to score goals, he didn't.
Bafana struggled to make shots on target for over 90minutes, yes maybe Khune wasted 30seconds but where they going to score with the 30sec's? probably not, in-fact the opponents had better chances of scoring than Bafana.
Our coach heard that egypt was leading & thought we can sit back & defend, which was the overall impression I got from Pitso's sub's (bringing defencive midfielders in for attackers), which he also confessed to; he said it himself that if he new that we were on our way out he would have brought in Majoro (a striker) but instead he brought in Yeye (a defensive mid).
I think the whole team failed us, more esp. the attacking players(likes of Parker, shaba more so Mphela) Khune was one of the top 3 players on that game.
Bafana needs change; we always depend on other teams to do the work for us, we play defensive football even at home & we lack the firepower upfront.

2011-10-10 10:49:37.0 | 0 replies

Dats Bul****t sowetan, dnt u think dat Sierra cud hev scored against us in dat 5 minutes he waisted?? wat if it were to be the complete opposite?? There is extra or added time 4 time waisted in injuries & watsoeva. Clearly, u guys dnt hev anything better to tell us this days. NXA!!!

2011-10-10 10:48:07.0 | 0 replies

@ Teko.Eintlik wena jezabel do u know anything about soccer mara? It seems like u are just commenting for the sake of commenting.Ok fine let me ask u this.Between Slimkat and Khune who has conceeded most goals for their rspective teams this season? So in future babes u shud think before u post comments cos are just embarrasing yourself in public.

@ Buckselona killin.g boss @TEKO is a man so dont call him babes....kikikikiki...dont stress yourself my friend PSL is in full swing this FRIDAY and your team will make you happy again...

2011-10-10 10:47:45.0 | 0 replies

Guys dont blame khune, Khune was following instructions from the technical staff, how did he knew about the result of the other game, obviously he was informed. You did even saw what the coach did, his intention was really going for draw result, knowing that they will qualify. Replacing a striker for a defensive midlefilder, that was another story guys. This stupid rule has really cost us big time and is the first time i came across the rule since i know football.

2011-10-10 10:47:37.0 | 0 replies

You must never settle for MADODA score. Always do more than the minimum. What a good lesson to all South Africans!!!!!!! A draw was the minimum the team targeted and now it has cost us this, Heads must roll.

2011-10-10 10:47:21.0 | 0 replies

So guys if Domkat was on the field wat different will he had done.

2011-10-10 10:46:26.0 | 0 replies