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Massive petrol hike this week

It would seem the three successive drops in petrol prices will be short lived as an increase is loom.

'Frankly, I don't care': Vavi

Cosatu general secretary Zwelinzima Vavi on Tuesday said he did not regret boycotting the trade union federation's central executive committee (CEC) meeting this week, despite rumours he could face suspension again. [9] comments

Grace Mugabe to start making chocolate and ice-cream

Zimbabwe's first lady Grace Mugabe is to start making chocolate and ice-cream at her state-of-the-art dairy this month, the Herald newspaper reported on Tuesday. [28] comments

Bill Gates still the richest man, Michael Jordan joins billionaires' club

Bill Gates stands atop Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's richest people, as Facebook Inc's Mark Zuckerberg joined the top 20 and basketball star Michael Jordan plowed new air by making the list for the first time. [43] comments

Proposed Parliament dates for Zuma to answer questions

The presidency has proposed dates on which President Jacob Zuma will appear in the National Assembly and National Council of Provinces to respond to oral questions. [27] comments

Creecy in a bid to 'ensure value for money'

Gauteng finance MEC Barbara Creecy on Tuesday announced cost cuts to non-core areas in a bid to save money and "ensure value for money". [1] comments

Khulubuse Zuma loses Aurora court bid

An urgent application by Khulubuse Zuma to have claims of over R1.5 billion against Aurora Empowerment Systems set aside, was dismissed in the High Court in Pretoria on Tuesday. [36] comments

Traditional healers to help fight Ebola

Medical staff members of the Croix Rouge NGO put on protective suits before collecting the corpse of a victim of Ebola. Picture Credit: AFP In a land where witchcraft is sought after more than science for curing illness, medicine men in Guinea say the Ebola epidemic would be over by now if they had been properly included in the outbreak response. [24] comments

Economy remains racial: Zuma

South Africa's economy remains racially structured, President Jacob Zuma said on Tuesday. [72] comments

Albinos 'hunted like animals' for body parts

A lucrative black market exists for the body parts of albinos, who are believed by some to possess magical powers that can bring good luck. But as police in Tanzania crack down on the grisly trade, activists in neighbouring Malawi say attacks have spiked. [144] comments

Three men tie the knot in fairytale ceremony

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No reality show for Teko Modise and fiancée

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Did you buy my album? Then no photo for you: AKA

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10 Social etiquette rules that everyone should follow

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'All women are prostitutes': Nigerian actress

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