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Baby boy for Mike Tyson

By Bang Showbiz | Jan 28, 2011 | COMMENTS [ 21 ]

Mike Tyson has named his new son Morocco Elijah Tyson

The former heavyweight world champion boxer and his wife, Lakiha Spicer Tyson, welcomed the little boy into the world this week (25.01.11) and have now decided on his exotic moniker.

The tot – who weighed in 8lbs 13oz – was born at the St. Rose Dominican Hospital in Henderson, Nevada, and both mother and baby are doing well.

A spokesperson for the couple – who are already parents to two-year-old daughter Milan - said: "Morocco Elijah Tyson arrived January 25 in Henderson, Nevada, weighing in at 8lbs and 13 oz, and measuring 19 inches in length."

The news of Morocco’s arrival comes 18 months after the tragic death of Mike’s four-year-old daughter Exodus in a horrific accident in 2009 when a chord from a treadmill became wrapped around her neck. Mike and Lakiha, 32, married just 10 days after the ordeal.

Mike has been married twice before, to actress Robin Givens and Monica Turner and has five other children: Rayna, Amir, Mikey, Miguel and D'Mato, from his marriages and by ex-girlfriends.

The 44-year-old retired sportsman – who became the youngest heavyweight champion of all time when he won his first title in 1986 – is thought to have earned over $300 million throughout his in-ring career, but in May last year claimed he was broke but happy with his position in life.

He said: "I'm totally destitute and broke. But I have an awesome life, I have an awesome wife who cares about me. I'm totally broke. I had a lot of fun. It just happened.

"I don't deserve to have the wife that I have; I don't deserve the kids that I have, but I do, and I'm very grateful."


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hey le wena wa tshusa monna

Jan 28, 2011 8:16 | 0 replies

The wife doesn't even look African American, she looks like the other color sis, mixing genes, sis.

Jan 28, 2011 9:41 | 0 replies

This guy is broke,why is he busy making childeren?

Jan 28, 2011 10:3 | 0 replies

Hela Bra Mike. Ka segaetsho re a re LEINA LEBE SEROMO. This literally mean that the kid will live up to his/her name. Look now his daughter Exodus, lived up to her name, otsamaile (she is now deceased).

Jan 28, 2011 10:13 | 0 replies

7 kids and broke, this guy never cease to amaze me, so the sisters r taking care of him and his kids...IM RELOCATING TO AMERICA !!!!!

Jan 28, 2011 10:35 | 0 replies

Okay Tyson, you can stop making babies now, thats enough broer.

Jan 28, 2011 11:3 | 0 replies

I missed the day that you entered the stage playing Tupac song "My ambition as a rider" If tupac was alive he was gonna say these to you: Keep ya head up, life goes on bro. Tupac is waiting for you at the thug massion to roll them weed. Good luck my man. You are a true african legend.

Jan 28, 2011 11:20 | 0 replies

atleast he has a family

Jan 28, 2011 11:33 | 0 replies

mchana or mabebeza u jst gave a very posetive msg to the dude keep it up.....

Jan 28, 2011 12:34 | 0 replies

at last wa ba wa kgona, surely it was a last drop from the tank

Jan 28, 2011 9:29 | 0 replies

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Tyson.... By the way is this baby number 8 or 9.... just curious.

Jan 28, 2011 9:3 | 0 replies