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SUBMISSIONS are being invited for the 2010 Murray and Roberts Jack Cheetham Memorial Award and Murray and Roberts Letsema Award.

SUBMISSIONS are being invited for the 2010 Murray and Roberts Jack Cheetham Memorial Award and Murray and Roberts Letsema Award.

These awards - recognising, acknowledging and rewarding selfless, innovative and industrious achievers in youth development through sports - are run by construction and infrastructure development company, Murray and Roberts in partnership with the South African Sport Confederation and Olympic Committee (Sascoc) and Sowetan.

These awards recognise the inspirational and motivational character and ideals of Jack Cheetham, a former director of Murray and Roberts and captain of the South African cricket team in the 1950s. It contributes to the development of sport in South Africa.

In 2009, the South African Tug of War Adopt a School project, which represents the vision of the South African Tug of War Federation to transform and develop the sport at schools, won the award.

Tug of war, also known as rope pulling, is a sport that directly pits two teams - usually featuring eight members each - against each other in a test of strength.

The rope is marked with a centre line and two markings four metres on either side of the centre line. The teams start with the rope's centre line directly above a line marked on the ground.

Once the contest, or commonly known as the pull, has started, the opposing teams attempt to pull the other team to the centre line or else to commit their opponents to a foul.

Tug of War, which was part of the Olympic Games from 1900 until 1920, is contested in the world games, organised by the Tug of War International Federation.

In 2008 Murray and Roberts identified Hilton Langenhoven, the triple gold medallist in the Beijing Paralympics, as a beneficiary of the trust and is allocating R100000 a year over five years to allow him to concentrate on preparations for the 2012 Paralympics.

For 2009 disabled sports projects Boccia for the Severely Disabled and Judo for the Blind and Visually Impaired, became beneficiaries of the trust, giving each project R50000 a year for three years.

The award was won by the Nelson Mandela township (Nemato) Rowing Club in Eastern Cape in 2006.

In 2008 it was won by Welkom Wrestling Club development programme. In 2007 the award went to the Kwanobuhle Hockey Development Programme in Port Elizabeth in Eastern Cape.

To be eligible for nomination, a sports project must demonstrate a meaningful contribution to the development of sport in South Africa and it must benefit previously disadvantaged individuals.

Nominations must be sent by July 16 to Murray and Roberts Jack Cheetham Award, c/o Sascoc, PO Box 1355, Houghton, 2041 or faxed to 011-483-9061.


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