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'There is no chemistry between us'

By Louise McAuliffe | Jun 01, 2010 | COMMENTS [ 0 ]

IT IS over. The experiment to get Rudo Dumbutshena and David Malindi hitched has failed.

IT IS over. The experiment to get Rudo Dumbutshena and David Malindi hitched has failed.

The two strangers, who committed to one another on December 11 last year through the reality radio show 2 Strangers and a Wedding, called it quits two months ago.

"We dated for three months and mutually decided to call it a day two months ago," said an emotional Dumbutshena.

"We realised that our relationship was going nowhere. I felt really guilty letting him go. I was under a lot of pressure from my family telling me that David is such a nice guy - but I could no longer be responsible for his feelings - I had my own to deal with."

Dumbutshena said there was no chemistry. They didn't even consummate the relationship. "He is a fabulous guy and to some extent I am a nice girl, but we needed more than that. We were just not compatible. Friendship, passion and intimacy were just not there."

She realised that she had entered the competition for all the wrong reasons. "It has been a very emotional six months.

"The competition came along and I thought wow this could elevate me out of my rut and give me what I was looking for.

"During the competition I did not have time to think about how I was feeling. After everything had settled, I started to get in touch with how I was feeling.

"I did not want to get married. I was looking for someone to save me from loneliness and the low point that I was in in my life.

"When something as life-changing as this competition happened, all my emotional baggage came out and I discovered that I was a mess.

"I was not as strong and confident as I thought I was. But I am now healing."

David and I are still friends. We talk often. We don't hang out as much because I need space.

"I just wish he could find someone amazing because he is a gem," she said.

Malindi is heartbroken. "I am very confused and hurting. I love Rudo and I hope we shall remain friends," he said last night.

"We were both committed to the union. I feel sad that it is over. I thought we would make it last forever. Rudo is a wonderful person and I would have loved to be her husband. Her family has been very supportive."

Kaya FM is expected to announce the break-up this morning.

In 2008 Gail Brookstein and Derrick Matthee were the first couple to win the competition. They divorced after three months.


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